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DesirePlayboys offers gigolo job in Ahmedabad to fulfill our client’s fantasy. If you are searching for gigolo club India Pvt Ltd in Ahmedabad then DesirePlayboys is the best option for you. A large number of boys are now serving as male escort in Ahmedabad through DesirePlayboys and satisfy many clients by doing gigolo jobs.

Procedure of joining:-

Step 1: Click the Registration button to register as a Male escort in Ahmedabad.

Step 2: Fill out all your details in the registration form.

Step 3:Verify your profile by using the Email verification link (You may check the Spam/ Junk folder).

Step 4: Pay the Registration Fee through UPI.

Step 5: After Completion of payment enter your payment reference id. 

Step 6: Now your profile is successfully activated.

You can also apply for Male escort service in Ahmedabad. Our handsome and decent playboys are always favorite to all of our clients.  Let’s check the eligibility to be a playboy or male escort in Ahmedabad.

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Why join Desireplayboys?

  • Our Website is not illegal under Indian constitution. (Male prostitution is not recognized in India.)
  • We offer good escort platform.
  • We don’t share our member’s privacy to anyone.
  • We are not attending unknown clients.
  • We are not attending STD (sexually transmitted diseases)affected clients

Eligibility to join as Playboy:

  • Candidate should know HINDI or ENGLISH.
  • Candidate should be well mannered and decent.
  • The candidate has to dress up according to occasions.
  • Candidate needs to be clean and hygienic.
  • Candidate must not be addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Areas we are operating

  • Chandkheda Call Boys
  • Naroda Call Boy Jobs
  • Thaltej Women seeking men
  • Gigolo in Badrabad
  • Hathijan playboys
  • Gigolo Jobs in Ognaj
  • Piplaj Playboys
  • Women Seeking Men in Shela
  • Ghatlodiya Gigolo Service
  • Call Boy Jobs in Navrangpura
  • Call Boy Jobs in Motera
  • Playboy jobs in Lambha
  • Badodara Gigolo
  • Male Escort Job in Isanpur
  • Nikol Male Escort

So, if you want to fulfil your fantasy with some extra benefits then you can join DesirePlayboy as male escort, independent gigolo and reputed playboy. You can also apply for playboy job and be a gigolo in Ahmedabad or directly join in gigolo club in Ahmedabad. For more information, you can consult our team.


Working place: You may have attained clients both in their place and hotels also.

Selection process: You can contact us for that by just filling the form above.

Women seekingmen in Ahmedabad are very well known for their reputation & friendliness. You can also apply for Ahmedabad gigolo service. Ahmedabad playboys are always available in gigolo market and gigolo clubs in Ahmedabad. DesirePlayboys is famous for providing male escort service in Ahmedabad.

Are there any male escort websites in Ahmedabad?

Yes, there are several male escort websites available in Ahmedabad. DesirePlayboys is the oldest and most reputed among them.

Which is the best gigolo service in Ahmedabad?

Most reputed gigolo websites in Ahmedabad are


DesirePlayboys is the oldest and most reputed gigolo website among those. Contact our agents to join our gigolo service.

Is it safe to join gigolo club in Ahmedabad?

Yes, joining as a male escort in is completely safe. Because our organization follows legal acts as well as we are very strict at our escort verification process. Only you have to fulfill the basic requirement (e.g. good physique, no STD, minimal education etc. ) to join the escort club in Ahmedabad.

How can women find gigolo in Ahmedabad?

Women can find a Gigolo in Ahmedabad by completing the following steps:

  • Find a genuine Gigolo Club or male escort club in Ahmedabad like
  • In DesirePlayBoys you can find 1000’s of verified male-escort or gigolo profiles from Ahmedabad.
  • According to your desire, you can choose between our Gigolo, Playboys, Callboys.
  • If you have trouble to choose a suitable companion then contact our agent they will definitely help you to choose the right gigolo.
  • You can directly contact the gigolo or our agent will help you to complete the whole process.
  • Choose the location, fulfill your fantasy.

How can I become a male escort in Ahmedabad?

At first, find a Male escort website. You can also join, but you have to fulfill all the requirements to join DesirePlayboys. Requirements are:

  • You must not be affected by S.T.D.
  • You should know HINDI or ENGLISH.
  • You must not be addicted to drugs or alcohol.
  • You should be well mannered and decent.

Who are the customers of gigolo in Ahmedabad?

We have our service is spread over all major Places of Ahmedabad like Navrangpura, Ghatlodiya, Shela, Piplaj, Ognaj, Nikol, Isanpur, Badodara, Lambha, Motera, Chandkheda, Naroda, Thaltej, Badrabad, Hathijan, and others.

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Call or WhatsApp Ms. Prachi on +91 7438074097 and Join with us.

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