Is Male Escort / Prostitution Legal in India?

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Male Escort services are very demanding types of jobs that numerous of women desire for getting a completely incredible sexual experience, mainly male escort services are very easy to book and anyone can hire call boys in their area through online along with from offline sources, but online call boys booking is further easier over and above it is safe for you, there are hundreds of websites offering exceptional Call boy services in various parts of India.

For prostitution and prostitution related activity our legal system has two major laws.

Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act 1956 and suppression immoral traffic act

According two  these below points are allowed.

  1. To carryout the family profession i.e someone can do the prostitution if her parents are in to the same profession.
  2. To get compensate for physical relation.
  3. To do prostitution alone in her won premises.

According to these rules below are strictly illegal.

  1. Making operating brothel.
  2. allowing to operate in won place as rent or lease.
  3. Solicitation (promoting sexually) in public for prostitution.
  4. Pimping and operating sex network.

After all this our legal system never convicts anyone without strong proof. Anyone can claim that they know each other and never exchanged money for sex. If anyone found from any brothel and guest house where a number of people found without proper legal staying documents then it can be a problem.

The matter can be serious if the girls claims she is trafficked and sold forcefully to this chain. This can be even serious if the girl is below than 18 or from SC and ST category.

High profile escort service can not be detected cause it operates in private places and all are in legal age and escorts are not forced to this profession.

In a single line If any legal age lady doing prostitution by their won (not forced to do)then no one can stop her.

The main moto of this rule is to stop child trafficking and girls trafficking and keep the social life healthy and secured.

At last in our constitution these all rules are for only female sex worker. Male sex worker are not recognized and not mentioned in the definition of prostitute.

So the answer is Prostitution is legal if you do it properly without destroying society and without doing criminal activity like child trafficking and girls trafficking.

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